How does a flat image fit on a scope screen?

I had to calculate the dimensions of a flat DCP (1920x1080) on a scope (aspect ratio 2.39) cinema screen, and this is a perfect task for the aspect fit calculator.

Let’s start with the screen resolution: a 2K DCP projector has a resolution of 2048 x 1080 pixels. When the projector is in β€˜scope’ mode, the lens is zoomed in so that the 2048 pixels cover the whole width of the screen. This means that only the inside 2048 x 858 pixels (aspect ratio 2.39) is used.

The flat image will have to be rescaled to fit in that area. Concretely:

Full image resolution = 1920 x 1080

Is rescaled to = 1526 x 858 (79%)

and then padded (pillar-boxed) to 2048 x 858 (134%)

via 1920x1080 image on scope screen

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