Bash script generator with bashew

I have archived my project bash_boilerplate and started a better one with pforret/bashew. I have worked a lot on bashew the last months, and now that it has matured enough, I also updated the bash boilerplate script generator:

Music scale generator

A second tool I made this weekend solves a problem I have been thinking about since my first Commodore 64, i.e. a loooong time ago: if an octave is a factor of 2 (A5 is double the frequency of A4), then how does one divide that interval in 12 semitones? I have learnt in the mean time that there are 2 major conventions: the equal tempered system (every semitone is the same interval: so = 2 ^ 1/12) or the just/pure intonation system, where intervals are chosen to match with simple fractions like 3/2 and 5/4.

Frequency to musical note converter

I worked on some new musical tools this weekend and this is the first one: a calculator to convert hertz (Hz) frequencies to musical notes.

Check your Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

I have created an easy tool to check your email SPF configuration (what is specified in your DNS config about what servers can send email for your @domain email addresses).

Calculate foot-lambert luminance on a screen

In the projection business, there is a unit for β€˜how much light is coming from that screen, actually?’. This is called the foot-Lambert or ftL

Big website layout upgrade

I finally got around to do a big upgrade of this site:

Create a Content-Security Policy

A CSP or Content-Security-Policy is a definition of what kind of external or internal content is allowed in your website. It is given as a long string in a HTTP header.

Calculate audio delay for any tempo (BPM)

If you want to set an audio delay (β€˜echo’) in sync with the tempo (beats-per-minute) of your song, you can calculate it with the new Audio Delay calculator.

Calculate exponential growth trends

There has been a lot of talk about exponential growth the last few weeks, regarding the spread of COVID-19. It can be a tough concept to get your head around. If you hear β€œIt doubles every week”, ok so that means what for next month? Times 8? Times 16? I wanted to make an easy calculate exponential (going up) and logarithmic (going down) phenomena.

How to convert from Mbps to MB/s

One of the first tools I developed was for converting bitrates: the bandwidth converter. I was frustrated with having to translate ADSL bitrates (in Mbps) into the time needed to download a file of e.g. 10MB. I wanted to convert those Mbps into MB/s numbers, with Mbps = megabit per second and MB/s = megabyte per second.

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