Megapixel: compare your camera's resolution

So you’re thinking about buying a new dSLR or system camera? You know that megapixels matter! But how much is enough? Let’s compare your camera’s resolution to some others!

The Canon EOS 5D (Mark 1) was launched in 2005 and this started the era of the semi-pro dSLR cameras. The camera has a maximal resolution of 4368 x 2912 , which means 12.72 megapixels. For today’s standards this is very low. Its most recent successor, the Canon 5Ds has a resolution of 8688 x 5792 , this means 50 megapixels, and this is about as high as you can get with a budget under 4000$. The most pixels you can buy in a commercial camera, should be the PhaseOne IQ4, that’s 150 megapixels. The price is equally impressive: about 50.000$.

Megapixel Calculator:

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