Calculate kWh price for an electric car

I have developed a new calculator, that allows you to calculate the kWh price for any electric car: This is because I am considering buying the Tesla Model 3, and I wanted to compare its mileage/consumption prices with my current car (a diesel).

It takes into account:

  • the “size ” of the battery (in kWh)
  • the range of the car in (km/full charge)
  • the efficiency of the charging process (typically 85%)
  • the # km/miles normally done in a year

For instance:

  • a Tesla Model 3 has a range of 530 km with a 75kWh battery
  • it is bought in Germany, where electricity is .32 euro/kWh
  • To charge the battery fully at 85% efficiency, you need 88kWh, which will cost you 28 euro.
  • If you drive 30.000 km/year, this means you will have to charge 57 times/year (5 times/month) and this will cost 1600 euro/year.
kWh calculation for a Tesla Model 3

Some remarks: gives you an idea of electricity prices around the world. The cheapest country is Iran with $0.01/kWh and the most expensive one is Bermuda with $0.40/kWh. Even within Europe there are stark differences: Hungary and Bulgaria only charge $0.12/kWh (0.11€/kWh) while Germany is at the other extreme with $0.35/kWh (0.32€/kWh). This means that charging a Tesla Model 3 in Germany costs 37€, while the same thing costs only 13€ in Hungary. That is a 3x price difference.