How to find and copy/paste emojis 😜

I have taken the habit recently of using more Emoji characters in blog posts and titles. They look cool, so why not πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ. In order to find and copy/paste the Emoji that I liked, I needed a list. I was always checking out the official Unicode Emoji list. Unfortunately, that list is HUGE and the page loads very slow 🐌. So why not make something better?

This is why I have developed the Unicode Emoji character map for! You can search for emojis, e.g. on the word β€˜fruit’, and see all the Emojis that use this word in their description. If you select one specific emoji 🎯, you get more detailed information on it. This includes the description and all the available encodings, ready to copy/paste. You can then use them in blog posts, emails, Facebook updates, or if you’re a more technical person, use the HTML-encoded version.

The tool also show you related emojis. These are emojis that have similar descriptions.

<figcaption>the Emoji for β€˜grapes’</figcaption></figure>

While I was working on that, I also updated the slightly related HTML character map, which now helps you better in looking up HTML character encoding for special characters.


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