Music scale generator

A second tool I made this weekend solves a problem I have been thinking about since my first Commodore 64, i.e. a loooong time ago: if an octave is a factor of 2 (A5 is double the frequency of A4), then how does one divide that interval in 12 semitones? I have learnt in the mean time that there are 2 major conventions: the equal tempered system (every semitone is the same interval: so = 2 ^ 1/12) or the just/pure intonation system, where intervals are chosen to match with simple fractions like 3/2 and 5/4.

So using this, I have created a musical scale generator, that lists chromatic, pentatonic, hexatonic, major, minor scales and gives the base frequency for each note.

Developing this took me two days because I really wanted to understand and โ€˜feelโ€™ the numbers.

Also check the frequency to musical note tool I also made this weekend!

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