HTML Color List update

RGB Convert: more color models

Megapixel: compare your camera's resolution

So you’re thinking about buying a new dSLR or system camera? You know that megapixels matter! But how much is enough? Let’s compare your camera’s resolution to some others!

Video filesize calculator

Video filesize calculator

Estimate your DCP file size (digital cinema)

I developed a calculator to estimate the file sizes of a DCP (Digital Cinema Package). This is probably a very geeky thing to do, but I need it often for my work (I work in Digital Cinema).

New logo

DPI calculator for print

BPM Calculator is back!

Server migration, ASP to PHP

In June 2016 my old hosting expired, I forgot to pay in time, and I decided that I would redirect all traffic to this new server, even if it didn’t have all the old tools yet. It just doesn’t make any sense to pay for two different hostings for a small side-project.

Some finance tools

I started with some financial calculators:

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