BPM Calculator is back!

Server migration, ASP to PHP

In June 2016 my old hosting expired, I forgot to pay in time, and I decided that I would redirect all traffic to this new server, even if it didn’t have all the old tools yet. It just doesn’t make any sense to pay for two different hostings for a small side-project.

Some finance tools

I started with some financial calculators:

ToolStudio web tools (@toolstud_io) | Twitter

[ToolStudio web tools (@toolstud_io) Twitter](https://twitter.com/toolstud_io)

tools.forret.com is now toolstud.io

All requests from tools.forret.com (rss/language tools) are now going to http://toolstud.io – through a .htaccess file generated with http://beamusup.com/generate-htaccess/


I needed a favicon for the site, I quickly made one, and when I looked for an online favicon generator, I found http://www.favicon-generator.org/, who not only makes the favicon, but also the icons for Apple iOS and Android apps (you can save a web page as an app on your phone, and then its icon is also the favicon).

Toolstud.io Alpha running!

I made a lot of progress: cleaned up some old libraries I had, developed an easy way to visualize data, and finished a first version of:

mkdir toolstud.io

I finally made the decision to move my somewhat popular web.forret.com subdomain, with its collection of web-based calculation and conversion tools, over to its own web site. I will migrate the most important applications to toolstud.io, while also redeveloping them from ASP (yes, I know, they’re that old) to PHP, my current scripting language of choice. I will also try to migrate some applications from tools.forret.com over to here too.

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