How to find and copy/paste emojis 😜

I have taken the habit recently of using more Emoji characters in blog posts and titles. They look cool, so why not 🤷‍♀️. In order to find and copy/paste the Emoji that I liked, I needed a list. I was always checking out the official Unicode Emoji list. Unfortunately, that list is HUGE and the page loads very slow 🐌. So why not make something better?

Calculate kWh price for an electric car

I have developed a new calculator, that allows you to calculate the kWh price for any electric car: This is because I am considering buying the Tesla Model 3, and I wanted to compare its mileage/consumption prices with my current car (a diesel).

Check if your site is HTTPS ready

I often hear people struggling with the security of their website. So I have made a tool to check if your site is HTTPS ready. Use it to check if your web server is set up correctly (e.g. always redirect to https, encryption key length, certificate lifetime).

HTML Color List update

RGB Convert: more color models

Megapixel: compare your camera's resolution

So you’re thinking about buying a new dSLR or system camera? You know that megapixels matter! But how much is enough? Let’s compare your camera’s resolution to some others!

Video filesize calculator

Video filesize calculator

Estimate your DCP file size (digital cinema)

I developed a calculator to estimate the file sizes of a DCP (Digital Cinema Package). This is probably a very geeky thing to do, but I need it often for my work (I work in Digital Cinema).

New logo

DPI calculator for print

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