Frequency to musical note converter

I worked on some new musical tools this weekend and this is the first one: a calculator to convert hertz (Hz) frequencies to musical notes.

Check your Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

I have created an easy tool to check your email SPF configuration (what is specified in your DNS config about what servers can send email for your @domain email addresses).

Big website layout upgrade

I finally got around to do a big upgrade of this site:

Create a Content-Security Policy

A CSP or Content-Security-Policy is a definition of what kind of external or internal content is allowed in your website. It is given as a long string in a HTTP header.

Calculate audio delay for any tempo (BPM)

If you want to set an audio delay (β€˜echo’) in sync with the tempo (beats-per-minute) of your song, you can calculate it with the new Audio Delay calculator.

Calculate exponential growth trends

There has been a lot of talk about exponential growth the last few weeks, regarding the spread of COVID-19. It can be a tough concept to get your head around. If you hear β€œIt doubles every week”, ok so that means what for next month? Times 8? Times 16? I wanted to make an easy calculate exponential (going up) and logarithmic (going down) phenomena.

How to convert from Mbps to MB/s

One of the first tools I developed was for converting bitrates: the bandwidth converter. I was frustrated with having to translate ADSL bitrates (in Mbps) into the time needed to download a file of e.g. 10MB. I wanted to convert those Mbps into MB/s numbers, with Mbps = megabit per second and MB/s = megabyte per second.

How to find and copy/paste emojis 😜

I have taken the habit recently of using more Emoji characters in blog posts and titles. They look cool, so why not πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ. In order to find and copy/paste the Emoji that I liked, I needed a list. I was always checking out the official Unicode Emoji list. Unfortunately, that list is HUGE and the page loads very slow 🐌. So why not make something better?

Calculate kWh price for an electric car

I have developed a new calculator, that allows you to calculate the kWh price for any electric car: This is because I am considering buying the Tesla Model 3, and I wanted to compare its mileage/consumption prices with my current car (a diesel).

Check if your site is HTTPS ready

I often hear people struggling with the security of their website. So I have made a tool to check if your site is HTTPS ready. Use it to check if your web server is set up correctly (e.g. always redirect to https, encryption key length, certificate lifetime).

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